Monday, April 14, 2014

Hotel sleeping

Haven't posted in a while, but I will try to more as I now pretty much live in hotels, and no one reads this (prob because of lack of posting). So, I'm working on the road again for my old company. Currently I'm in the shittiest Holiday Inn express I have ever been in. No free beer (funny, because the last Holiday Inn in Austin I was in, and a Main Stay Suite hotel in Pittsburgh, had free beer in the afternoons), the internet drops randomly (longest I've had it work continuously was an hour), and no continental breakfast. Also, the toilet clogs when you look at it, the AC/heater unit is random, and the maids clean at 9-10 at night. Since I get up at 5, I have fun listening to the soothing sounds of a vacuum cleaner as I try to go to sleep. Speaking of sleep, not getting much. In spite of the fact that I haven't had a beer in a week, my body is managing to stay dehydrated. Up every two hours at night. And my old friend night terrors seem to be back. I can tell by the soaked pillows, and the bedding everywhere. Thank goodness I don't remember them. Normally. I went to the Houston Arboretum the other day. It makes a nice park, but an arboretum it is not. Did have a nice little nature hike. Will post it on my YouTube channel, along with a couple other videos I have made, when I get somewhere with internet. I have to edit it, but I got some good footage of a pipleline drill doing it's thing. What I am monitoring at the moment. Working this particular job solo right now, kinda dig it. Easy job, just check the seismometers once an hour, and read books. Well, I will read books, I haven't been on a drill job like this before, so I'm hanging around the rig watching things happen. I think I annoy the crew a bit, but they are slow as mollasses in the winter. Actually getting tried now, time to go nappy. Will pop a benedryl to help. And hope my alarm goes off in the morn, my main one didn't this morn, but couldn't get it to fail again. Have my phone as my back up (it's back up because it has failed before too- POS EVO2). Night.

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